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 detail shot of "Single File"

Mosaics give me a sense of peace. They please not only the eye, but also the soul. I love the way the inside of a chunk of marble looks when it is cleaved in half... the way the surface of a mosaic seems to change depending on the light... the way it's impossible to keep from wanting to reach out and touch it.


The ocean has always been a huge inspiration for me and being a landlocked Oklahoman, I have had to adapt.  Scouring the flotsam and jetsam of Southwest Oklahoma country roads and fields...a sort of "redneck beachcombing", if you will...yields a treasure trove of glass, vintage china,  buttons, shotgun shells, and rusty pieces of history. I find solace in taking these seemingly irretrievably broken objects and giving them a new, beautiful life in my art.









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