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"Never Far Away"

"Never Far Away" 12"x 24" $1500


"Frida" 8" x 11" NOT FOR SALE

"Someone to Watch Over Me"

"Someone to Watch Over Me" 30" x 42" Commission

"The Road Goes on Forever"

"The Road Goes on Forever" commission

"Jenny of the Dia de Los Muertos" 8" x 12" SOLD

"Happy Trails" 10" x 10" COMMISSION

"Embrace It"

"Embrace It" 9" x 14" SOLD

"Behind Granite Ridge"

"Behind Granite Ridge" 8" x 12" $450

"Sticks and Stones and Glass and Bon

"Sticks and Stones and Glass and Bones" 12' x 16" $850



landscape with longhorn

6" x 12" SOLD

"Single File"

"Single File" 8"x 17" SOLD

"What Mattie Found"

"What Mattie Found" 8" x 12" SOLD

"Abernathy Road"

"Abernathy Road" 11" x 17" SOLD

"Brink's Longhorn"


"Unchain My Heart"

"Unchain my Heart" 12" x 24" $950

"Blackbird Sings the Blues"

"Blackbird Sings the Blues" 12"x 24" SOLD

"Jumping Through Hoops"

"Jumping Through Hoops" 14" x 18" SOLD

"And You Have the Key"

"And You Have the Key" 14"x 18" SOLD


"Anonymous" 17" x 17" $1400

"Cuernavacan Coneflower"

"Cuernavacan Coneflower" 14" x 14" SOLD

"The Christmas Goat"

"The Christmas Goat" SOLD

"Esmerelda Muerta"

"Esmerelda Muerta" 8" x 12" SOLD

"Pinky Octopusero"

"Pinky Octopusero" 14" x 18" $850

"He Knows"

"He Knows" 8"x 8" SOLD

"Angel of Frances"

"Angel of Frances" commission

"From Montgomery"

"From Montgomery" 28" x 36" SOLD

"Bringing Back Carol Rae"

"Bringing Back Carol Rae" not for sale

"CR EW 179"

"CR EW 179" 12" x 24" SOLD


"Bloom" SOLD

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